Thursday, September 11, 2008

1405. A barrel swing, with this tool barrels could be stored under a table or counter and then swung out to get access to them, patent number 465,058.

Approximately 36" long:

1406. This was used to test the skill of a tractor driver at an antique machinery show, the object was to position the tractor so that it was balanced with the platform parallel to the ground.

Larger image

1407. A Motion Pro Cable Luber, a motorcycle maintenance tool used to inject lubricant into cable housing. Thanks to everyone who emailed or posted the answer for this device.

1408. A log carrier, two of these and four men could use them to carry logs to a central working area.

1409. A Newhouse wolf trap combination tool, used as a hammer, wrench, and spring compressor; it's also used for making adjustments to the trap.

Animal Trap Quiz

1410. A load binder, for tightly binding a load of hay or straw, patent number 426,608.

Close-up image

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